SAZDL - About Us

Corporate Background

SAZ Diversify Legacy (also known as SAZDL) was originally founded by SHAH AL-GHAZALI in July 2010 with the support of his best companions; NIK FATIM AIMAN NIK ZAINUDDIN as Business Development Executive, MUHD. SHAHFFIQ SHAFI’EE as Business Administration Executive and MOHD. MUZAMMIL HASHIM as Operations Executive.

The meaning of our company’s name:

  • SAZ – A uniquely combination of ‘Satisfaction, Adventure & Zest’ of this company environment.
  • Diversify – Referring to the various type of business that we are doing.
  • Legacy – The name give our company a sophisticated and elegance persona with an inviting and approachable moniker.

With many years of our experiences in studies, researches and operations since 2010 in the businesses that involved, the goal of our company is to be the most truthful and respectful professional services firm recognized by our clients for delivering excellence.

Our core business focuses more on Marketing Communications Consulting, Leadership Storytelling Training and Life Coaching for Entrepreneur. We provide tailor-made solutions as a result a blend of our professional consulting, motivating, coaching and training with advanced skills, brilliant information and wonderful presentation.


  • SAZ Diversify Legacy will be a home where positive leaders are born weave together to create the future and change the world of business.


  • To mentor and consistently lead our client with integrity, fairness, humility, clear and honest communication, all the while creating a respectful, enjoyable, and professional leadership environment.


  • We will guide and educate our clients together to learn leadership skills, engage in activities that foster ethical behavior, build an inclusive community, demonstrate social responsibility and inspire a commitment to excellence through our Leadership Storytelling Training.