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Shah Al-Ghazali is the Founder of SAZ Diversify Legacy, an organization that provide Marketing Communications Consulting, Leadership Storytelling Training and Life Coaching with a unique methodology to develop skills for entrepreneur and as well to guide their company and business for startup. With an experience since year 2010 as a Marketing Communications Consultant and Leadership Storytelling Consultant, as well an experience since 2002 as a Life Coach, Shah help entrepreneur for their business’ ideas, to reach their positive life goals, unleash their inner talent and potential, guide their path in facing daily life, help to strengthen the relationship between entrepreneur with their customers and how to counter and handle the stress in easiest way.

Unlike any other business consultant and life coach, he will share inspirational stories with the entrepreneur, based on his personal experience to see what’s good in life. Shah provide tailor-made solutions as a result that blend of advanced skills, professional consulting and coaching and priceless information. His mission is to help the clients attain transformation change their lives and careers in order to achieve greater success, fulfillment and well-being. In his life, Shah have experienced the powerful impact that the right career fit and a commitment to wellness can have. This has helped shape his consulting approach and has inspired him to empower others to do the same.

Shah Al-Ghazali is a Business Development strategist, who builds strong, dedicated client relationships and partnerships that are built on trust. Executive with an entrepreneurial spirit who leads companies to growth and market differentiation with a record of generating new business opportunities and developing lucrative partnerships. Proven track record of implementing the necessary business development strategies to accomplish breakthrough sales objectives while creating unique market-entry strategies, managing business relationships, building leadership, credibility, and establishing immediate rapport with potential clients. As well, proven to work well as part of a team as well as on individual assignments.

Shah Al-Ghazali is a quick learner who can absorb new ideas and can communicate clearly and effectively. A bright, driven, energetic and hardworking individual who is renowned for his high standards of service, focus to create more leaders and commitment to marketing projects. Not afraid of looking at radical new approaches to problems.


Louis Hong is the Business Analyst at SAZ Diversify Legacy, graduated in Mechanical Engineer from Multimedia University, Melaka. Pursuing engineering career since graduated for 5 years in multi-national company, Louis is very passionate on human interaction and communication. He always think that the best weapon to survive from any bad environment in the organization is through social ability. With many years of experience in engineering field, he always look for best solution with least effort of energy.

In the previous career and social experience, he oversee the unbalance lifestyle of an employee and even an employer. Louis has a great vision to helps people around him by not just simply telling the philosophy but also to implement the engineering knowledge to break through tough situations. Experiences in dealing with different kind of level and sector of people in workplace, he has seen many problems faced by others and even himself in workplace. People usually blaming each others all the time. To conclude that this happen mainly due to the bad culture and management style at the workplace.

As a Business Analyst in SAZ Diversify Legacy, Louis will understand and study on difficulties faced by client. He will proceed to analyzing with human logic thinking to come out with the best solutions. His dream is hoping everyone around him have a good balance lifestyle without looking into anyone’s background, skin color, belief and race. Louis will guide and educate the clients together to learn a leadership skills, engage in activities that foster ethical behavior, build an inclusive community, demonstrate social responsibility and inspire a commitment to excellence through Leadership Storytelling Training.