Leadership Storytelling Training at MARY KAY, Tampin.

Great gratitude to Madam Noraniza Mohktar, who is an Executive Senior Sales Director of MARY KAY Malaysia, for choosing us to conduct Leadership Storytelling Training with her team to discuss on “Positive Mindset, Positive Outcome”, at Tampin.

This workshop helps every participant to change their mindset from negative to positive in their leadership skills. With a positive mindset, every person has a greater initiative to move forward and move further. A positive mindset can be achieved when we try to adapt, practice and improvise. Every succession comes with great contribute either spiritually, mentally or even physically.

We hope all of the participants enjoy and perceive the knowledge that we shared. Thank you very much for the warm support and we wish to cooperate with Mary Kay in the future for more events.

Outdoor Team Building at Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM), Kepong.

Any small organisation or corporation has a group that needs each other to look behind their back. This group builds the entire structure of a corporation, starting from the leader down to the team members. This typical structure is the backbone of any company. Similar to a human backbone, every corporate structure must be kept healthy to maintain the company’s stability. Otherwise, the structure will break down and the company will be unable to achieve its vision.

This is why we at SAZ Diversify Legacy love to do an outdoor team building activities with the teammates. We strongly promote the importance of group development not only for personal self-improvement but also for the organisation that share a common goal. We believe that a group will surely fail to meet its goal without proper coordination between its leader and team members. We need to develop certain mindsets and behaviors in order to bring the group’s 100% efficiency, because we need each other.

Motivational Workshop at Domaines Spatial, Balakong.

Amazing people, awesome energy, powerful momentum, moments not to be forgotten to sum up a beautiful event. Thank you so much for attending our Motivational Workshop on 29th July 2018! It was a big success, and your participation meant a lot to us at SAZ Diversify Legacy. We truly appreciate for all the support.

From the topic that we discussed that time, we want to help the participants to gain back their positive spirit to focus more on the positivity in their daily lifestyle and find solutions on their journey to achieve the success, trust their inner instincts and strength, build your self-confidence, learn to control your bad emotions, be realistic and clear on their goal in life, increase their positivity and productivity, especially not to be afraid of failure. We hope that the participants had fun, enjoy the experience and we look forward to seeing them at the next event.

Business Opportunity Talk at Al-SyuQ Palace Spa Cafe, Perlis.

One of the terrific events that we handled is “Business Opportunity Talk” in Perlis on 27th January 2018. This talk was held to bring awareness towards citizens about to create more business owner in Malaysia. By using technology, internet business was a major influence, connecting around the world and needed on market demand. Living as digital nomad nowadays are essentials especially one of the business opportunity that comes from Dubai, b:hip are mutually beneficial for entrepreneurs.

The event was organized by Al-SyuQ Palace Spa Cafe. It has been organized and prepared well by them. Thousands of wishes and thank you from us to the organizer and the crew who has been helping us all the ways until the event ended successfully. Also thank you to Al-SyuQ Palace Spa Cafe for preparing the venue and inviting us all the way to Perlis for the event. It was such an honor for us to collaborate and work together to make an outstanding event.

Business Trip to "b:hip Global Convention 2017", Bangkok.

We have been introduced to a new business by Allan Nielsen, Chief Executive Officer of b:hip United Arab Emirates, and Irfan Khairi, a Malaysian Icon for Internet Millionaire, which will bring us the opportunity to create more business and networking internationally with b:hip Global. On 10th of November 2017, we were invited for a trip to Bangkok for “b:hip Global Convention 2017”. It was a great opportunity and great experience that we gain from the trip. We have been exposed to a new environment, gain a knowledge of a business plan, marketing strategy and working group of the people. b:hip is not only a business that may bring us internationally but also promotes health to the community. Just what b:hip stands for; Helping Impact People.

It was a valuable business trip and experience for us because this kind of business opportunity may help us to reach our goals which expand our business internationally to Dubai, United Arab Emirates. There is also a warm presence of Irfan Khairi, our mentor, which titled as Ambassador of b:hip Malaysia and also Director Global Social Media for b:hip Global. Looking forward for a better future!

Meeting With The Chairman of b:hip Global at The St. Regis Kuala Lumpur.

On the 8th October 2017, after Allan Nielsen which is also known as Chief Executive Officer of b:hip United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Irfan Khairi as Director of Global Social Media b:hip Global had a video conference meeting with our Founder to introduce b:hip, SAZDL get a chance to have private close up meeting with the Chairman of b:hip Global, Jan Sarfelt, and his lovely wife, Karin Sarfelt. This event was held at The St. Regis Kuala Lumpur, KL Sentral. This meeting purposes is to discuss on creating a business opportunity in Malaysia with b:hip and to create even more digital nomad.

It was a lovely and very kind of Mr. Jan Sarfelt to invite us privately and having a great lunch together which was fully sponsored by him. It was such a pleasure and honor to have this business opportunity meeting with them. During this meeting, SAZDL was invited for the next upcoming b:hip Global event in Bangkok. Can’t wait for the next upcoming event and excited to expand the benefit of having business with b:hip Global.

Corporate Social Responsibility Program at Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Setia Alam (Shah Alam).

We give a free Life Coaching session to help students thrive and develop positive life skills. The program is comprised of methods and concepts delivered by our team. We focus on youth mentoring and counselling by helping students understand how best to learn at school, be proactive, and exercise personal leadership. The skills that teens learn in the present have an exponential impact on their future. Learning these skills helps students avoid common pitfalls and can drastically influence the upward trajectory of personal fulfillment and success.

Our program also will help the special students learn to listen, speak, read and write Malay and English language. These four principles are intrinsically linked but also very different and must all be mastered to become fluent in a language with their own unique traits. People can be good at one and poor at another. But at the same time, there is little chance of learning a language well if the student’s learning does not master all four. They are linked and knowledge of each discipline in one language aids understanding and proficiency in another. Without learning all these basic, the student cannot learn properly at school.

The three students are personally handpicked by the teacher-in-charge, Madam Shahzalina. She chooses these students because they are lack of Malay and English language’s proficiency and as well two from them lost one of their parents. We also will guide the students to focus on positive thoughts and lifestyles under our Life Coaching sessions in person with them. Even so, they did not give up to keep learning so that they can overcome their weaknesses in learning the languages and motivated to face the challenges in life. We are happy to give our support for these wonderful students and make them as a good example in this school.